Worst Nike Products


Nike is an American multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures and does international marketing and sales of apparel, footwear, equipment, accessories and services. It is one of the largest athletic shoe and apparel providers all over the world. With its headquarters close to Beaverton, Oregon, the company was established on the 25th of January, 1964 and there is probably no sport that the corporation does not cover. Even though Nike products are revered around the globe and trusted by many sportsmen and women, there are some of these products that just do not live to the expectation. Some of the worst Nike products are:

Nike Air Force 1 CMFT Low – “The Glove”

Nike Air Force 1 CMFT Low popularly known as “The Glove” is a popular product that is known all across the globe. The pair still boasts of a modern look, even though it has been hanging around for more than a decade. When it was launched however, the product was loathed by many, probably due to its weight. While it is liked by many, some still consider it one of the worst Nike products there ever has been.

Nike Airmax model

Another Nike product that can be included in the worst Nike products list is the Nike Airmax model. The product is one of the worst disappointments that have ever come from Nike. The arch area of the shoe has an exaggerated curve that most wearers do not find cool. When it is laid on a flat surface, only about a quarter of the shoe length will get into contact with the surface. You hardly see a flat area on the sole. This makes the shoe somewhat uncomfortable. The curve is also a negative feature from the fact that it considerably compromises the stability of the shoe. It can rock back and forth and also sideways while at the same position.

LeBron 12

There is also the LeBron 12, another product from Nike. It is a basket shoe that has a HexZoom unit in the forefoot. For impact protection, the heel also boasts of a Nike Zoom unit. While the shoe has Hyperposite wings that offer additional support, especially when a user is taking a sharp cut, they can also get pretty clunky. As they are clunky, they are not able to support graceful movement or posture, something that is very important for sportspeople.

LeBron 12

The Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour, another product of Nike is also some sort of a disappointment. It is a tennis shoe and it is pretty handy in making amazing lateral movements, just what is needed for the game. It also has a zoom cushioning at the heels that work pretty effectively in providing cushioning, especially while landing. However, a shoe is regarded as great only when it can stand the test of time, something that this product fails terribly. Its outsole wears out rather quickly which means that it is not durable.

Lunar Ballistec

Lunar Ballistec is Rafael Nadal’s signature boot. The cushioned midsole help in giving you a bounce on your step, making it a great sporting shoe. Their durability is however not guaranteed as they begin to wear out pretty fast.

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Great Products Nike Should Bring Back


The Air Force III is a must on the list of Products Nike Should Bring Back. It was introduced in 1998, the bulky basketball shoes of the 80’s. It was rough and tough wear fitting the name force. It was worn by most professional players and some elite college programs. This shoe had the plastic heeltab with NIKE Air giving it more significance.

The Zoom JST is another pair of shoes we wish Nike would bring back. This was an off-track shoe with golden spikes and would come in any color you wanted. It came with Michael Johnson’s embroidered signature. It was released in 1996 and was a hit we only wish it was released latter, like 2015, it would have blown out of the stores.

Charles Barkley’s chosen design was the Air Force 180 Low, his weapon of choice in the last days at Philadelphia and his first days at Phoenix. Even though these 1991 release were more of boots than sneakers, he liked them so much. We would like to see these extreme wear back in the stores.

The 1995 release of the Air Go LWP made a serious leap in technology that even rivals today. The acronym LWP meant light weight performance as it was an outdoor shoe. It was a wonderful sneaker for the teens.

The 1988 Air Ave revolutionized the courts like never before. With tits design of a tennis-specific outsole available in yellow, white and aqua, this Nike design can still be a fashion thing today. Its basic structure was just great and comfortable that is why it should be brought back.

Air Flight Huarache introduced in 1992 is one of the Products Nike Should Bring Back to the market. This design was a hit as a minimalistic basketball shoe that stripped away the high hightop and thick soles of the early 90’s. They were so likeable I just wonder why they don’t bring it back to us today.

One of the most heavily researched shoes was the Shox R4 released in the year 2000. It was in development long before Air came to the market. Its cushioning system was very well researched. R stood for running with the 4 standing for the number of Show pillars. The shoe still is a design triumph that should be back on our feet.

The Air challenge LWP of 1995 was the tennis variation of the LWP series. Andre Agasi made this product so popular in addition to its own marketing as a great design ahead of its time. What made them the beast in the courts was its air cushioning in the heels and forefoot. Who would refuse a comeback of such a wonderful shoe from Nike?

One of the Products Nike Should Bring Back is the 2004 Zoom Talaria. This was from the old days of Nike Air and made its name on the streets as a performance runner shoe. It had a design of tennis ball yellow on the upper with a fading flame on the outsole. It however has been reincarnated as a boot doing it a serious disservice as a running shoe.

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Products Nike Should Make


In recent times, women participation has rampantly increased as far as sports is concerned. In fact, there aren’t too many sports left in which women don’t participate as of today. That is perhaps why, when it comes to products Nike should make, sports apparel for women probably ranks right up there. There’s been a huge transformation already as far as the type of clothes which women wear on a regular basis is concerned. Gone are the days of sports woman being forced to wear unfashionable clothes that cover their entire bodies.

The independent sportswoman of today chooses clothes that facilitate freedom of movement which makes them more effective at the sport they play.


While keeping up with the increased demand for women’s sporting attire, in the future, Nike will need to step up their game here as well if they are going to cement themselves as the true leader in sportswear for both men and women. The range of sportswear available for women today include exotic prints, patterns and shades. In fact, fashionable sportswear is quite popular as far as the modern youth of today are concerned who are looking at creating style statements for themselves who just want to look as good as they can.


Women’s sports apparel includes a lot of different things like t-shirts, sweat pants, shorts, tracksuits, jerseys, etc. These trendy, innovative designs are another reason why the youth choose to wear them as opposed to casuals. There is no denying the fact that Nike has access to some of the most advanced technology in the world. Using this technology they will certainly be able to put together a nice range of sophisticated sportswear for women.


Now, the biggest advantage of such sportswear is that it is extremely light weight and doesn’t hamper the free movement of a sportsperson. The designs will need to be flexible and allow the sportswoman to move around freely. For example, sportswear which has been designed for use during karate or judo should be designed in a way that it fabricates the structure of the female body just as much as sportswear for a female tennis player, athlete, tennis player, etc. would want to wear light weighted sports clothes whenever they in the court. Restrictive attire will only act as a distraction and an added inconvenience on any woman who is trying to perform at her best.


The modern look of sportswear has managed to revolutionize the outlook regarding the appearance of women in sports. They don’t have to hide their feminism while trying to attain the respect of their peers in a sports world which is dominated by men. Sports women now have the opportunity to look just as stunning as any celebrity while they are playing.


So the simple answer to the question, “What products Nike should make?” is women’s sports apparel. They can never go wrong with it and it is an industry that is here to stay. So why not become the biggest name in the world of women’s sports apparel? I see no apparent reason.

Best Places to Buy Nike Products


Nike is a famous brand that is popular among many customers nowadays. This brand is very famous for its sport shoes that can be used for any types of sports, including basketball, soccer, tennis, skateboarding, football, baseball, and any other sport activities. When you want to buy the best Nike products, you may want to take a look at all available items that you can find on the market nowadays. This article is going to let you find some of the best places to buy Nike products now. These places offer authentic Nike shoes that are made from premium materials.

1. Official Nike site

When you want to buy any authentic Nike shoes from the market, you may want to visit its official store from Nike company. This store is very well-known for its easy navigation, complete stocks, and comfortable shopping experience. You should be able to find any Nike products in any categories, including basketball, running, soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, football, and any other types of shoes. All shoes are going to be delivered to all customers’ address immediately. This official store is also supported by some reliable customer representatives. They can help you find the best Nike products for yourself now.

2. Amazon

This is another great resource that you have to visit, especially when you want to buy any Nike products. This online site has many benefits for all customers. You should be able to find any types of Nike products that have beautiful design and style, in order to attract many users now. This site also allows all customers to leave reviews on their favorite shoes. As the result, you should be able to read some reviews from other customers before you buy the best Nike products for yourself. These reviews allow you to find some reputable shoes that are offered by Nike company now.

3. Sport Accessories Stores

When you want to find some popular Nike products, you should find some reliable sport accessories shops now. There are many stores that offer high quality sport accessories for all customers. You can find some popular sport stores that are available on the market, for example Sports Authority, Foot Locker, Kohls, Famous Footwear, and any other popular sites. These sites offer varied products that are offered by Nike. You should never have to worry about the overall quality of these stores. Most of these stores also offer delivery option for all customers these days.

There are many other places that you can visit, in order to find some popular Nike products on the market easily. It is a good idea for you to look at all available stores before you choose the best store for yourself. You also need to read some reviews and also testimonials that usually come from other customers. These reviews allow you to find the best store that offers many great Nike products for all customers. All Nike products are covered by limited warranty, so you don’t need to worry about the overall quality of these reliable products now.

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Best Nike Products


Nike is one of the most popular brands in the world that deals in athletic apparel, footwear and equipment. The company is fully dedicated to inspiring athletes towards reaching their full potentials. Through its commitment to design, sustainability and innovation, the company is continuously challenging the customers in reaching the next level of achievement. The company is the world’s leading designer, developer, marketer and seller of apparel, footwear, accessories, services and equipment meant especially for the athletes. However, it is to be noted that a large percentage of Nike products are also worn for leisure and casual purposes. Each year, the company introduces new silhouettes, materials, methods of construction and technologies. Some of the best Nike products have been detailed below:

Nike Flyknit Cleats

Nike Flyknit debuted in the form of running footwear in the year 2012 and it possesses a great potential. The Mercurial Superfly and the Nike Magista, introduced during spring, proved the fact that football boots need not stop at the ankle. These are mid-cut silhouettes allowing the lower leg, ankle and foot to work together in the form of a single unit which helps in increasing the awareness of the interaction and the movements of the body with the ball and the ground. These 3-D Flyknit uppers help in bringing the foot of the player closer to the ball for enhanced ball feel and quicker plays.

Nike Pro Rival Bra

If a woman does not make use of a good bra, her workout gets completely compromised. This Pro Bra from Nike aims towards making sure that a woman’s workout is perfect regardless of her support needs and her body shape. This new collection from Nike is available in twenty sizes and addresses diverse workouts, sports and body types. By making use of this bra, a woman athlete can easily enter the cup size and the rib cage circumference for determining the right bra in the right size. The bra boasts fully-molded cups, racerback, matte fabric and separate design.

Nike Golf Vapor Irons

This is the best product for footballers, tennis and baseball players. It represents top quality technology and possesses a good performance potential. These vapor irons are in muscle-back design shifting center-of-gravity to club face and offering striking efficiency and purity. The product features a blade’s precision and it is undoubtedly a modern classic.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite

Nike Kobe 9 Elite is the first shoe of its kind to bring in the revolutionary Nike Flyknit technology. It does this with its form-fitting knitted comfort and precision. This shoe from Nike functions very similarly to a spider’s web. It flexes and tenses to the requirements of the players doing it at the moment when it is best needed. The towering silhouette of this shoe has a dynamic connection with the body of the athlete while the cushioning provides great comfort, protection and support. This is one of the best Nike products that have taken the entire market by storm and works wonders for the athletes and also for the ones who pick it up for casual use.

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